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Saturday, April 07, 2007 @9:57 pm

yo... finally... here to blog.. haha. well... been going back AI band quite often recently... im not veri sure why i got the sudden feel to go back... maybe its the sense of belonging... haha. at least i noe AI band is one of my roots in life. quite glad to see all the juniors working so hard... so proud of them. they may not be playing up to the standard tt they expect... but at least im pleased with them. haha. sunrise and golden circle... ya boring pieces... aiming for gold? pray hard... you all can do it if everyone works tgt.. if u all have no noe our band moto few years back... it was one big happy family since 1970.. thou it sounds really stupid... but its quite meaningful la.. haha. so... good luck for all my cute juniors xD

Ahh... abt sch... sch is so boring... i haven been doing my tutorials for weeks... haha.. guess i have to get working. and recently i decided to go band prac more often... haha... we combine with MI pple.. they got so many members la... i mean more than us.. haha. having concert... guess shld be in sch... well... no comment.. haha.. ok tts all.. byebye

Thursday, February 01, 2007 @9:11 pm

went for band prac yest. veri little pple. onli 3 year 1 came. got 1 clarinetist from tkgs. quite surprising. hmmm.. well... i@fun coming. so guys pls support... hopefully it will turn out well.. although our class is struggling with ideas. damn.

ya tts all. nth much. things seem to be different now. bye guys.......

Friday, January 19, 2007 @3:22 pm

skipped band prac alot of times already... today skip once again.. so sian. 17th was my birthday.. haha.. thanx so much xt and coffee.. haha. u all are so nice to me xD. and those who wished me.. thanx! haha. ok im bored.. nth much to say.. bye...

Sunday, January 14, 2007 @11:04 am

hey yo! haha.. hmm.. yest.. went out in the noon.. ate prata.. and hmmm hmmm.. haha. den at around 8 met zj yk kel at ssc. i treat them to the thai restaurant. haha... they gave me a bag and a shoe bag. the bag is a reebok bag.. not bad la.. the colours combi is nice.. black and orange... but the size is er... significally big.. haha. and the shoe bag.. nike shoe bag.. well i guess tt cost quite alot. haha.. and zj gave me the stickers.. its plain one la.. got a few is coloured one.. a few written happy birthday. and a few written im ur best fren.. haha.. dortz. den after tt they came my hse watch the dvd. hmm.. and at around 12 plus they went home. haha.. ok la.. im happy. haha. onli waiting for ur present. addidas jacketxD haha.. nah kidding la. haha.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 @2:25 am

happy new yr everyone! sch starting real soon.. 2 months of hols ending soon.. haha.. ya i spend more than half of my hols with tt idiot.. haha. hmm.. went to her chalet.. haha... her cousins are fun xD and hmmm... aiya.. juz look at her blog.. she will update.. hopefully.. haha.. great year ahead!! good luck for my A lvl next yr.. and hopefully i can go for driving lessons.. hahaha.. WAH!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006 @4:27 pm

yoz! xD haha. so yest noon went to meet yk at sunplaza.. we bought some stuffs.. and head to my hse. he fold his hearts and i wait for my gliter to dry. and my mum!! idiot. she still go touch the gliter.. haha.. im sorry if it looks ugly >.< haha. and after zj came.. came to play my tablet.. dortz. haha.. at around 5 plus i went to meet xt.. leaving tt 2 at my hse.. haha. hmmm.. den we went tampanies mall.. ate ljs.. the chicken sux.. den we walk around.. actuali wanted to buy a jacket.. but cost 1oo plus.. ok i dun have tt kind of money to spare. haha. hmm.. nth much actuali.. but a nice and simple christmas night.. i love it.

hope u like the present xD

Monday, December 25, 2006 @12:19 pm

well yest my cousin came to my hse.. she brought her 2 daughters.. haha. the older one was scared of raffy.. and i keep using raffy to scared her. haha.. fun. hmm... den went to meet yk and his gf with kel. wat we did? haha.. went to food republic.. and met some typical singaporeans.. idiotic. after around going 1 hr? we finally got to sit down and eat. ya yk gf looks quite ok.. she's veri fluent at both languages.. haha.. not bad la. yk u pro la hor. and after his gf went with her own fren. so we the 3 big guys went walk around.. haha.. we were like walking in the maze... keep going back to the same place.. haha. at least we are mature now.. we were looking at t shirts tt cost 300 dollars.. erhem.. im a grown up. haha. after walking around.. felt veri sian.. so we went back northpoint.. bought some stuff.. worrying over yk... or rather worrying over his worries.. haha. sat down at mac.. drink the milk shake.. quite sweet. and after tt home sweet home.

sch is reopening soon and i haven finish my hw.. or rather i did a little bit.. haha. man.. i hate sch.. its boring.. im lonely there. hopefully zj will come to ijc.. haha... pls.. im praying.. although i wan the best of u.. which is make a wiser choice instead of coming ijc which is not wise.. but.... im selfish.. haha.

im sorry.. i always piss u off.. but.. i will try my best not to again..


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